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Craft a consistent and compelling message to deliver to prospective clients and customers to open up a conversation about you and your business. 
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In 5 minutes you can find how you can work smarter not harder - and enjoy the process while doing so. 
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Don't miss out on the conversations happening in our brand new group exclusively for growth-focused online business owners. 
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Stop Making Assumptions about Your Ideal Customer

Successful online business owners start with identifying their ideal customer to reach them more efficiently and effectively.

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Gain Clarity with 1:1 Coaching

Book two 45-minute sessions for just-in-time business coaching appointments to address your most pressing challenge, problem, goal and/or opportunity. 

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Gain Clarity with 1:1 Coaching

Book three 30-minute sessions for just-in-time business coaching appointments to address your most pressing challenge, problem, goal and/or opportunity. 

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The Bound for Business Organizing System:
Launch Your Business with Clarity and Focus

The collections in our Online Business Owners Toolkit 

The resources in our toolkit can accelerate your implementation to get your products, services and programs done and ready for the marketplace.  

Card Decks - Planning on building a funnel, creating a course or program or designing your website (whether you're building it or delegating the build to someone else)?  Our card decks will help organize your thoughts and save you heaps of time.  

Posters and Pads - Regular day planners don't address the most important priority of small business owners -- completing daily business development activities before all other tasks.  After all, nothing brings in revenue except the actual sales process.  When you use these tools, marketing and selling activities will stay top of mind throughout the day, every day.  (Remember, you don't make money creating, planning, managing, designing, building, troubleshooting, perfecting, etc.!

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